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DAŽYMO DARBAI We impregnate, prim, paint, oil, varnish, wax .... various wood products.


Exterior and interior cladding, fence boards and beams, structural timber, rafters, beams, floor and door edgings, cladding for saunas, floor boards, terrace boards, window sills, stair treads, bench beams, etc.  



WOOD AGING - COMBING (structuring or grooving)

We perform aging and combing of wooden surfaces with modern machines. From a very gentle to a strong-deep “rustic” effect. Possible width of the aging product up to 600 mm.


Parquet boards, cladding boards for interiors or facades, terrace or fence boards, tables for garden furniture, furniture facade details, wooden beams, various glued wood panels, surfaces of MDF products, etc.



Wood structuring and painting in several colors (patina effect)

It is a special technology for wood surface treatment and coating in several colors. In this way, the individual wood pattern is highlighted, giving the surface an image that is naturally outdated and natural and time-honed.


Interior walls and partitions, outdoor and other furniture, door and window edging, beams, various decoration details, outdoor facades and a number of other finishing works. Using your imagination, taking advantage of the natural beauty of wood pattern, and choosing a combination of different colors, you can create a unique interior of your homestead, bar, shop or other.

During this period, we have tested various products of TEKNOS, GORI and painting systems for industrial painting, so we always know which optimal painting option to adapt to your needs.


Eglė sanatorium, water parks, Lithuanian Maritime Museum and dolphinarium have been painted with our selected paints and adapted painting systems. And in our workshop we have already painted not tens but hundreds of thousands of square meters of wooden tables for private and public objects in Lithuania, Scandinavia and other European countries.

The capacity of our workshop exceeds 20,000 square meters of fully painted products per month.